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Chuck McHugh of Wilmont Avenue, East Washington, recently received the 2021 Lovely Landscape Award from the Martha Washington Garden Club.

“My passion for gardening grew out of my family tree which has a history of individuals who loved to plant,” McHugh said. “The greatest inspiration comes from my mother, who is still to this day, in her gardens from dawn to dusk and was always ready to accept a small pair of hands to help her in her endeavors.”

McHugh said much of the landscaping around his home was not there when the property was purchased in August 2012.

“I take inspiration from the gardens on our annual trips around the world, then add my ideas to make them my own, sketch out designs, plan any necessary landscaping and select the perfect plantings,” he said. “There is nothing more satisfying than seeing it all come to life.”

McHugh said his garden consists of many annual, perennial and tropical flowering varieties, including:

  • Yellow cannas;
  • White and red man
  • Devil;
  • Echinacea, purple coneflower;
  • Double-spooned coneflowers in a variety of colors: raspberry, vanilla, peach and lemon;
  • Dipladenia, mound form of mandevilla) in yellow, red and white;
  • Scévola;
  • Tulip Fuchsia Siam, blooms constantly from early summer until frost;
  • Fiesta and Shasta daisies;
  • Perennial and annual hibiscus;
  • Hosta of more than 15 varieties including Empress Wu which is one of the biggest varieties.

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