This 12 month planting calendar will help you garden like a pro


Whether you are a novice gardener or a horticultural professional, now is the time to start planning what to do in your garden over the next 12 months. From fruit trees to boxwood hedges, knowing how to plant things – and in what month – is a successful design of your outdoor space.

According to research by Hopes Grove NurseriesGoogle search terms for “gardening” and “planting” were at an all time high last summer thanks to nationwide lockdowns. The world may have reopened, but gardening shows no signs of slowing down.

Need help knowing where to start? To make things easier than ever, Hopes Grove Nurseries released a smart plant calendar with details on when to plant flowers, seeds and delicious veggies.

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“As we move into 2022, we’re committed to helping new gardeners follow their newfound passion for gardening by making it easier for them to know what and when to plant,” says Hopes Grove Nurseries.

“We understand that everyone has different gardening needs and limitations, whether it’s space, time or other matters. That’s why our plant calendar is simple, easy to follow, and has everything you need to know about when to plant. things like fruit trees, hedges and many other varieties of plants. “

Check out the schedule below …

plant calendar for 2022

Hopes Grove Nurseries

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