The most fragrant roses to plant in your garden


If you’ve ever picked up a bouquet of roses at the grocery store or sniffed out the options at a florist, you may have been disappointed by the lack of smell in these beautiful flowers.

Preference being given to reproductive roses for their hardiness and appearance, many cultivated roses have gradually lost much of their pleasant fragrance over the years.

Without scent, wild roses will not attract the birds and bees they need to pollinate their flowers. But those grown in greenhouses with human help do not need such assistance. A study on the causes of rose bloom revealed that a enzymeRhNUDX1, when active, creates the scent of roses.

While some roses have lost their fragrance, there are still many varieties of roses that are renowned for their fragrance.

According Houses and gardens. “Classic scent is found in gallica roses and their hybrids, such as damask, while clove scents are found in rosehip.”

If you want to plant, buy or just smell the most fragrant roses, you can look for some of them among the different colors and classifications of roses.

Double delight

The Double delight The hybrid tea rose was first created in the United States in 1977 and has a “strong and spicy” scent. The Double Delight is also distinguished by its beautiful two-tone colors: cream in the center bordered with pinkish red. In 1985, the flower joined the Rose Hall of Fame of the World Federation of Rose Societies.


Gertrude Jekyll

Gertrude Jekyll was a famous British horticulturist who planted hundreds of gardens in Europe and America. It is therefore logical that one of the most fragrant roses bears his name. Another famous British rose grower, David Austin, created and named the Gertrude Jekyll pink in 1986. It is an English shrub rose and climbing rose much appreciated in Great Britain. The pink rose is on the list of the most fragrant roses because of its “quintessential old rose scent”.


Just Joey

With its catchy name, the Just Joey rose is an orange hybrid tea rose with a fruity fragrance. You might be surprised to learn that Just Joey is named after a woman: Roger Pawsey, one of the establishment’s long-established owners. Cant of Colchester rose growers, named the rose after his wife, Joey. She was dubbed the “world’s favorite rose” in 1994.


Mr Lincoln

Mister Lincoln has been acclaimed as the best red rose out there, not only for its dark red hue but also for its fragrance. The hybrid tea rose has a heavy damask fragrance, slightly spicy. The rose was introduced to the United States in 1964 and won the 1965 All-American Rose Selections. He stayed very popular nowadays. This type of rose is also often used to make rose water.


Honey Perfume

Honey Perfume is an apricot floribunda rose that can fade almost white while it blooms. It is also known as JACarque rose and is relatively new. It was created in 1993 and won the All-American Rose Selections in 2004. Honey Perfume rose has a spicy, strongly scented scent.


Ms Isaac Pereire

This Old World rose was originally named “Le Bienheureux de la Salle” by its original grower, Armand Garçon, but was later renamed after the wife of a french banker circa 1880. What luck! Ms Isaac Pereire is a climbing rose with cabbage leaf-like petals and a pink hue. It has a fruity, raspberry scent.


Munstead Wood

Among the most fragrant roses is the Munstead Wood Pink. Cultivated by the previously mentioned David Austin Roses, it was named after horticulturist Gertrude Jekyll’s garden in Surrey, England. The rose is a hybrid of an English bush rose with a dark red colour. The Munstead Wood rose is a newer rose, introduced in 2007. David Austin Roses describes it as having “warm, fruity notes of blackberry, blueberry and plum (plum).”

Generous gardener

The Generous gardener rose is an English climbing rose. It has hints of old rose, musk and myrrh in its fragrance and is a pretty pink color. The rose was named for the 75th anniversary of the National Gardens Program in Britain, an organization that raises money for charity by giving the public access to UK private gardens.



This aptly named rose has a unique speckled and striped, white and red appearance. scientific is a floribunda rose that won the prestigious All-America Rose Selection award in 1997. Sweet and spicy notes emerge from this fragrant rose created in 1996 by Tom Carrutha prolific breeder of American roses.


All of these very fragrant roses would make a great addition to your garden if you are based in the right zone and growing conditions.

When picking roses, do you look for their appearance, their scent, or both? What is your favorite color or scent in a rose?


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