Native Plant Garden Thrives at Tom Ridge Environmental Center


The greenery that surrounds the Tom Ridge Environmental Center was designed to be a garden of native plants.

It is a place where visitors can find native plants, vines and trees.

Fountain Glenn was live from Presque Isle with more.

Now, for people visiting Erie, or someone like me who is not from Erie, looking at all of those plants surrounding Tom Ridge may seem unmaintained, but it actually looks exactly like it was intended.

The concept of the native plant garden you see at Tom Ridge is full of native flowers, trees and vines.

These all attract native wildlife, from white-tailed deer to butterflies and insects. The vegetation has become a huge source of food for native animals.

It is also a way to showcase many plant species that can also be found in the national park.

The building was built to take advantage of the breeze from the lake and the garden filters out pollutants from the runoff.

“Everything from native trees to smaller vegetation, with a special concern for things that are good for wildlife. Serviceberry is one of the trees, and it’s a tree that produces fruit that native birds love at the start of the year, ”said Anne Dessarro, environmental education supervisor, Presque Isle State Park.

Anne says that at the beginning of the summer these parking lots are full of birds which eat the berries.

To learn more about the native garden and other species in the state park, stop at the Tom Ridge Environmental Center.

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