How To Eliminate “Weed Spread” In The Garden Without Chemicals – “Pull Out The Whole Root”


Most of the worst weeds in the garden start to grow in the spring. However, others are a year round problem, including weeds on the lawn. Gardeners should make sure to eradicate the problem before the weeds spread and get out of hand. Gardeners’ World shared the top tips for removing them, including hoeing and pulling.

They said, “Dig them up… Use a garden trowel to remove the weeds that spread like quackgrass.”

“If you’re digging up perennials like bindweed or nettles, dig deep with a garden fork and make sure you pull out all of the root, because the tiny pieces that are left will become new weeds. “

January is the perfect month to control bindweed, to help eradicate it before the plants start to grow.

Gardeners can also weed weeds to eliminate them.

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“At Greensleeves, we use a proprietary herbicide that contains more than one active ingredient and will kill a wide variety of weeds on your patio, gravel, stone, tarmac and other hard surfaces.”

When it comes to getting rid of weeds on the lawn, it’s crucial that prevention measures take place before the weeds even sprout, including year-round lawn maintenance.

The expert said that it is “important” to maintain the lawn regularly to prevent the appearance of weeds on it.

He added: “Regular maintenance should include feeding, aeration and scarification.

“This will promote healthy growth, allow nutrients to reach the soil and be absorbed by the grass. It will be more difficult for them to grow and spread if your lawn is vigorous and healthy.

“It is important not to leave any bald area on your lawn unattended.

“Otherwise, you will provide a perfect location for the emergence and spread of new weeds.

“Make sure to replant or reseed as soon as you get rid of the weeds, which can be done with our monitoring service.

“If you don’t have the knowledge, time or experience to remove weeds from your lawn, you can always count on the services of a professional lawn care company. “


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