Gardening: what to plant now to create a “beautiful” summer garden – “preparation is key”


The majority of plants go into a dormant period during the winter months, which means they don’t need to be watered or cared for as much. This can leave gardeners with little work in the garden, which means now is a great time to start preparing it for spring and summer, by sowing seeds.

The experts at Phostrogen have shared the best tips on how to sow the seeds directly into the ground during the winter months.

They told “Just like planting winter bulbs, putting the effort into your garden in the fall and winter can pay huge dividends.

“Many annuals, including most varieties of poppy, sweet peas and marigold, can be sown this time of year and will provide good exposure in the spring and summer.

“Preparation is essential when it comes to sowing seeds, especially when it comes to sowing directly into the ground.

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“You can also sow softer seeds indoors in shallow containers, transfer them to large pots while the young plants are still young, and finally move them to the garden once the warmer weather has arrived. “

In addition to sowing plant seeds, gardeners can also grow their own crops during the winter months.

The Greenhouse People explained that even the most seasoned gardener needs a helping hand in the winter.

Experts said: “If you have a greenhouse, a thermometer can track daytime and nighttime temperatures, telling you when to step in if conditions become less favorable for certain plants like artichokes, tomatoes and peppers.

“Adding a gas or electric heater can help with cold snaps and most also include a thermostat as an added bonus. Be sure to open your vents regularly to keep the air moving to deter fungal diseases such as gray mold and powdery mildew.

“Cold frames can also be a great investment, a house halfway between a greenhouse and an outdoor plantation.

“Several layers of horticultural fleece can also be layered over your plants and keep them warm and frost-free, but be sure to tie it up in windy weather. “

Hardy winter vegetables to grow include onions, shallots, leeks, and garlic.

These varieties are known to hold up well to the harsh weather that the UK can experience in winter.

According to The Greenhouse People, these strains “practically take care of themselves.”


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