Fairfield plans to hire a company to design the town’s 6th water tower


“It seems likely to me that we would build this tower in 2023, and that’s based on what I’m hearing,” Sackenheim said.

Sackenheim said that completing the engineering and permitting now allows Fairfield to “stay ahead of the game” and “we believe it is in our best interest.”

The new tower also prompted the city to request a reassessment of the capacity of the amount of water it can pump through the water treatment plant. Now, a maximum of 9.1 million gallons can be pumped by the plane each day, and Sackenheim is looking to increase that rating to 10.5 million to 11 million gallons. The plant has sometimes come close to the capacity of the water treatment plant.

“We’ve already started working with the state, Ohio EPA, to see where we can drill a new (raw water) well, and that will be the first part of this reassessment process to give us more capacity. in the factory, ”Sackenheim said.

If approved on Monday, the engineering, permits and other necessary approvals could be completed by mid-summer, Sackenheim said.

“This is only part of the process,” he said. “We have the land. It will be the engineering design, and the next step will be the bidding and award of a contract. “


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