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When it comes to designing new products, it often takes a team scattered around the world to put each piece of the puzzle together. In this process, success depends on close collaboration between design and engineering teams, contractors and third-party vendors, wherever they are located. And that kind of collaboration can be a tough challenge – until now.

Today, with NVIDIA Omniverse ™ Enterprise software, collaborating between geographically distributed design and engineering teams has never been easier. From early stage ideation concepts to smart factory automation and robotics, Omniverse Enterprise seamlessly connects everyone and throughout the process.

A shared virtual workspace

NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise is an easily scalable software platform designed for virtual collaboration and physically accurate real-time simulation. With this revolutionary software, creators, designers and engineers can connect leading design tools, assets and projects to collaborate and iterate in a shared virtual space. Software developers and vendors, in turn, can also easily create tools to extend its functionality.

This powerful real-time simulation and collaboration software for 3D production pipelines is based on Pixar’s Universal Scene Description and NVIDIA RTX ™ for ray tracing, with AI technologies that provide efficient scene updates in real time.

The software platform is designed to enable interoperability between different applications and different 3D ecosystem providers. It is supposed to act as a hub that allows new features to be exposed as micro-services to connected clients and applications.

The world of Dell technologies

At Dell Technologies, we’re excited about Omniverse Enterprise and its ability to enable collaboration for designers, engineers and other innovators using Dell Precision Workstations, Dell EMC VxRail Servers, or Dell EMC PowerEdge. With Dell Technologies, Omniverse has the potential to transform every step of the 3D workflow.

Some examples :

    • Design Reviews – Omniverse enables manufacturers to share and evaluate interactive, physically accurate, globally informed, and ray traced visualizations of product concepts with internal stakeholders, customers, suppliers and third-party consultants from any location .

    • AI Training and Simulation for Production Robotics – Omniverse enables teams to leverage NVIDIA’s full set of AI training and inference tools for robotic systems, warehouse logistics and assembly to welding cells and support equipment.

    • Communication with Suppliers – Omniverse enables teams to quickly review engineering changes with suppliers and manufacturers around the world. All key players can view interactive models in real time to facilitate fast, high-quality decisions.

    • Massive Factory Layout Interactive Datasets – Omniverse can display complete factory and factory layouts supporting interactive flyovers and full facility assessments for a true “virtual factory” experience.

For an overview of how it all works, check out this on-demand session: BMW’s Approach to a Holistic Digital Twin Using NVIDIA Omniverse (login required). Find out how BMW is harmonizing access to existing data stores and computer-aided design systems using Omniverse.

For a deeper dive, join our NVIDIA GTC session Why Omniverse now? A round table chaired by Jon Peddie (registration required). We’ll see how the combination of NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise and Dell Technologies infrastructure enables workstation-class users to do anything from anywhere in a modern hybrid work environment.


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