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Not in the same way that Grandma used wallpaper, but as minimalism continues to drag us into clean design, the opportunity for bold accents grows. Nothing can create a bolder accent wall than a beautiful wallpaper print.

The “fast mode” is out. Timelessness is in it.

Untreated natural woods (that is, not without finishes but appearing to be raw natural colors) as well as metal and stone replace fast fashion with longevity and timelessness, at least in terms of materials of construction. based.

Black has returned. Black and white is out.

There is nothing wrong with a well executed black and white farmhouse look. But this has been seriously exaggerated and often very poorly done. The market is therefore correcting this trend. But… a good thing about it is that he brought black back, and black is here to stay. Black lends richness, sophistication and a powerful anchor quality to any decor. Black is beautiful and it’s here to stay.

Wrap up the bars and that weird sink is out, but the drink cabinets and drink carts are back.

Whether it’s spirits, cocktails, or coffee and tea, dedicated libation centers add depth, beauty, and sophisticated, welcoming relaxation to a meeting room.


Again… cleaner, less cluttered room designs give floors more chance to shine. And nothing makes a floor shine more than an interesting geometric pattern. Especially the classics, like the chevron, which dates back to the Roman Empire and solves all kinds of typical problems like board direction decisions.

Tactile textures

“Look but don’t touch” came out. Touching everything is in it. Pleasant texture experiences include everything from pillows and throws to checks.

Biophilic design

Having abused and neglected her for so long, the love of nature is here to stay.

The “landscape palettes” combine the colors of the earth, plants and air. Windows open up views and invite natural light into every space.


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