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Jaipur: Despite being the country’s No.1 state for the highest solar power generation capacity, the desert state has failed to invest in manufacturing equipment.
In fact, it is at the bottom of the states and far behind the major ones like Gujarat, West Bengal, Telangana, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu which have become major destinations for solar module manufacturers.
With only around 165 MW of module manufacturing capacity, Rajasthan even lags behind small states like Haryana and others where solar power generation is insignificant.
Industry representatives said that without equipment manufacturing, the economic activities of a solar power plant are very limited compared to other industries. “The state is diverting thousands of hectares of land for solar energy production. Although it plays a crucial role in contributing significantly to the country’s solar mission, the benefits for the local population are limited, ”said Sunil Bansal, president of the Rajasthan Solar Association.
Bansal said the state has lost huge opportunities by not proactively contacting manufacturers of solar components. “If the components industry takes off, it will create a lot of job opportunities and countless ancillary activities, which will significantly boost the state’s economy. Unfortunately, this did not happen although Rajasthan is the hub of power plants, ”Bansal added.
Some in the industry have said that solar power has become a real estate game because the benefits are only tied to the land, and there is no added value.
“What the state gets is a subsidized rate by allocating land to solar power developers and an annual land tax on top of that, which is minuscule. This is why the solar industry has not benefited large segments of the population, rather it has swept away pastures and created water scarcity. Cleaning solar panels requires water, ”said an industry representative.
He said that only the manufacture of components and modules can bring benefits and officials do not have time to meet with manufacturers and bring them into the state despite Rajasthan having great reach.
Rajasthan has an installed capacity of 8,644 MW, followed by Karnataka 7,483 MW and Gujarat 6,052 MW.

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