Adelaide named 2nd national park city in the world


Adelaide was confirmed as a city of national parks at the 2021 World Urban Parks Congress, making the city the first in Australia and the second in the world after London to receive this prestigious honor.

Granted by the UK-based National Park City Foundation, the title represents a global movement to create cities that better connect people and nature. Adelaide’s status as a national park city is expected to further strengthen the city’s reputation as the most livable city in the country. The Adelaide National Park region covers all of the suburbs of Greater Adelaide.

Adelaide becoming a national park city will bring tourism, environmental and well-being benefits, South Australia’s Environment and Water Minister David Speirs said.

“The city status of Adelaide National Park is not just another title for our city, it is a trigger to promote and connect people with action on the ground to protect our environment for health and good. – to be of all together to stimulate our economy through increased tourism, “he says.

“We know 95% of Adelaide people only need to walk about 400 meters to connect to an open green space and Marshall’s Liberal government is investing record amounts in our parks to boost conservation efforts, improve visitor experience and create jobs.

“Over the next several years, thanks to our Green Adelaide Urban Environment Council, you will see real action on the ground as the Adelaide National Park City movement to create a fresher, greener and wilder city.

“This includes $ 5 million to green our streets and CBD squares, $ 5 million to regenerate the Torrens River, and millions of dollars in grants to enable community and councils to carry out climate-resilient projects on the ground.” .

“Adelaide’s push to become a national park city has been supported by the fact that we already have 30% green space and diverse wildlife ranging from 1,080 native plant species and 281 native bird species, to 60 species of native fish and 47 species of native mammals, plus more than 58 species of reptiles.

The campaign for Adelaide’s candidacy to National Park City was led by the Landscape Council of Greater Adelaide, Green Adelaide, with the candidacy submitted to the National Park City Foundation in November 2021. Following a process of evaluation, the Foundation invited Adelaide to be a national park city on December 10 at the 2021 World Congress of Urban Parks.

Green Adelaide board member Professor Chris Daniels said the environment council led Adelaide’s candidacy for the city’s national park on behalf of all the people and the nature of the city ​​of churches.

“Adelaide is now a world leader, and everyone in Adelaide can get involved in many ways,” he says.

“You can show your support by signing the Adelaide National Park City Charter or by growing some nature in your backyard, backyard or with others in the open spaces nearby. Plus, you can share your wonderful nature experiences through pictures, posts, songs, and art.

“This milestone for our city follows National Geographic’s recent nomination of Adelaide as the sixth most sustainable city in the world thanks to the green movement and years of efforts by volunteers, government and organizations to take care of our nature, which reinforced the references of our city in our candidacy. “

Image: City of Adelaide


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