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ALLEN COUNTY — As the playground for all abilities was in the planning stage, plans changed. During the early meetings, a memorial garden was planned to honor the lives of those who died, to honor those who were served and other significant people serving people with developmental disabilities. But it became more.

Theresa Schnipke, superintendent of the Allen County Developmental Disabilities Board, was involved from the start. “We knew we wanted it to be open to the community. It didn’t take long for us to think we needed a memorial garden because we needed to honor donors who wanted to honor their loved ones. From there, the butterfly garden somehow hatched. The playground opened in October 2021 and once the weather fell we knew we could finish this. We honored 94 names at our inaugural event. We plan to have this every year. Today we released 50 butterflies.

These 94 people who are part of the inaugural ceremony of the butterfly garden were read by Morgan Rigali. Casting Crowns’ song “Scars in Heaven” has been shared. Staff read brief biographies of those who served but died from January 2020 to May 2022. A closing poem was read by Anthony Simpson representing the Marimor Legacy Foundation. Finally, the butterflies were distributed and released.

Butterfly Memorial at Marimor Legacy Park & ​​Playground.

One of fifty released butterflies sits on a plant in the Butterfly Memorial.

One of fifty butterflies released at the inauguration of the Butterfly Memorial.

One of fifty butterflies released at the Butterfly Memorial

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