A Horse Tale fertilizer fundraiser to provide manure for Mother’s Day – Montreal


Some of the moms who volunteer at the Horse Tale Rescue stables in Vaudreuil-Dorion west of Montreal say they received some pretty disappointing Mother’s Day gifts.

“When my kids didn’t make me a card,” laughed Caroline Handy, barn manager. “It was the worst Mother’s Day gift, when they didn’t put the time and effort into getting me something.”

Still, she and other stables volunteers have come up with a really unusual idea for a Mother’s Day gift that they think could make some mums really happy.

“One hundred percent organic fertilizer for horses,” smiles Caroline Handy, executive director. “It’s fantastic for your gardens.”

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The manure, composted for four years on site, is courtesy of the horses who are there for rehabilitation or rest

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Some pulled horse-drawn carriages in Old Montreal before the practice was banned in 2019.

Grenier explained that all animals have different needs.

“We adapt the needs of each of the horses when they arrive, depending on their age and if they have any ailments or nutritional needs,” he told Global News. “We adapt the program to their own.”

The rescue now has 13 horses and six are ex-carriage animals.

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“So there’s a lot of shit to do,” joked Grenier.

Making manure available to the public is a way for the stable to raise funds.

According to Grenier, the bigger the donation, the more bags you get.

“Last year we raised over $8,000 in two weekends,” he recalls.

The groups started fundraising two years ago because of the pandemic.

“We were starting to worry about how to make money,” said volunteer Marie-Claude Gauthier. “We used to have these big events that we couldn’t do anymore.”

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In addition to manure, there will also be baked goods as well as a variety of plants.

“Oh my God. Anything and everything,” Handy exclaimed. “Most of the plants are dug up in our volunteer gardens.”

People must register online in advance.

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Easy-to-prepare Mother’s Day Brunch

Easy-to-prepare Mother’s Day Brunch


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